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 Dr. Ahmed Hafez

Multiple-choice questions for training in Russian university entrance exams, and their answers are taken from previous years’ exams in most russian universities, These forms are renewed and are constantly updated to cover all the questions asked and possible in the admission tests for students in Russian universities in medical specializations.

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Latest Modules

Vaginal Conditions

Bartholin’s abscess This is an abscess which forms on the Bartholin’s glands which line the vagina. – It arises when one of the ducts carrying fluid from the gland gets blocked, giving a fluid filled lump (cyst) – The cysts can then become infected by bacteria leading to the formation of a Bartholin’s abscess. Symptoms: – Vaginal pain and redness – Unilateral swelling near the vaginal introitus   Diagnosis: Clinical Diagnosis   Management: – 1st line is antibiotics. – If abscess does not respond/is painful, cyst drainage is performed (using word catheter or marsupialization)   Vulval Carcinoma This describes a


Urinary Incontinence This is a very important gynaecological condition which has a huge impact of patients’ lives. – There are two main types of incontinence in females, each of which have different pathologies and treatments. – It affects about 4-5% of the population, being more common in elderly females   i) Urge Incontinence This is the involuntary leakage preceded/accompanied by a sudden desire to pass urine – It occurs due to an overactive bladder due to increase detrusor muscle overactivity   Causes: Mostly idiopathic but can be associated with neurological conditions (e.g. MS, PD) – Can be made worse by

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