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Dr. Ahmed Hafez

A student in Pavlov Medical University

Founder & CEO of Medicine 21 Corporation

The founder & CEO of Medicine21 corporation  serving medical students, helping students register in medical faculties in Russian universities, and providing students with scientific resources and books they need throughout their studies of human medicine

" We live life to achieve our dreams and ambitions, so do not hesitate to make a decision that you think will bring you a step closer to an ambition you dreamed a day "

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  • General Manager & CEO
  • Content creator
  • Youtuber of Medicine Co.
  • Mobile : +201063012870 / +79254880172
  • Whatsapp : Egyptian / Russian
  • E-mail : [email protected]
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    Response to messages 100%
    Online activity 85%
    Members reaction 100%
    Daily online times :4hrs
    Time to message reponse  :10hrs
    Online working days weekly  :5days
    Offline working days weekly:1 day

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