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Medical Education in Russia

In this section, we will discuss the specifics of Russian educational programmes in medicine and health care and the universities that offer them.

Basically, medical training in Russia lasts six years and, as a rule, goes on as a separate form of education – specialist programmes. 

The exceptions are the dentistry and pharmacy specialities lasting five years and nursing – four years

In Russia, to become a general medical practitioner, it is necessary to complete a general medicine programme and obtain a basic medical education. To master a particular specialization, ophthalmology or nephrology, you’d need to finish an internship and residency as well. Depending on the specialization they may last 2-4 years. For example, to become a surgeon will take you 8-9 years

To practice medicine in their own country, international graduates of Russian universities need to through nostrification. It’s a legalization and recognition procedure for a diploma in their own or any other country. Legalization is not required if there is an agreement on the mutual recognition of diplomas between Russia and the graduate’s country. 

After completing the basic programme, students in Russia go through several more stages for subsequent specialization: internship, clinical or targeted residency.

An internship is a primary postgraduate medical education. Completing it is mandatory to become a medical practitioner. Internships are based on a great amount of practice under the guidance of the department’s head. Students can put forward hypotheses on the treatment and diagnosis of their patients. The internship is not included in the student’s work experience, since it is not a direct medical activity. International students can apply for an internship based on international agreements between health organizations, or on a commercial basis. The admission conditions depend on the university and the programme – it can include exams, testing or an interview. The duration of the internship is 1 year

Residency is an in-depth study of the medical speciality and the final stage of higher postgraduate medical education. The point of the programme is to obtain comprehensive knowledge of a specific speciality. Successful completion of your residency will allow you to work as a medical practitioner and launch a private practice. The residency lasts 2 years

There is also a targeted residency. Specialists enrol based on an agreement between a university and an institution that specializes in improving the qualifications of medical workers. The future doctors will go on for their practice in this medical institution. Studying in any type of residency will be included in your official work experience. 

Graduates of medical universities interested in building a scientific career can continue their studies in PhD school. To be admitted, you need to pass speciality and English exams, provide the committee with a portfolio of scientific articles and successfully pass an interview. 

In Russia, you will have many options to get a high-quality medical education. Holders of Russian diplomas are successfully employed all over the world. Medicine is one of the most popular fields of education among international students. There are about 70 universities in Russia that train doctors, both specialized medical educational organizations, and special medical faculties in universities with a wide range of educational profiles. 

They train specialists in all areas of modern medicine, from general practice to radiology. International students can enrol on a commercial basis or on the Russian Federation scholarship. 

You can apply for a medical speciality immediately after high school or college. 

You will need to successfully pass exams in biology and chemistry and additional entrance tests, chosen by some universities, like the Russian language. 

Be sure to specify in advance the certification procedure and the necessary documents with the admissions committee of the university you have chosen.

Why Russia ?

Russia is an amazing country with a long history, traditions, rich and diverse culture. Russia is one of the three most reading countries, and Russian education is considered one of the best in the world. Every year thousands of international applicants from all over the world enter Russian universities. Preparatory departments and short-term Russian language courses help them adapt to life in a new country. In Russia, some students are eligible to receive state support through scholarships and discounts on tuition.

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