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Based on previous entrance exams to medical universities in Russia

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 Dr. Ahmed Hafez

Multiple-choice questions for training in medical student placement test in Egyptian universities, and their answers are taken from previous years’ exams in most russian universities, These forms are renewed and are constantly updated to cover all the questions asked and possible in placement test in Egyptian universities.

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Microcytic Anaemia

Microcytic Anaemia A problem in haemoglobin results in the improper folding in RBC leading to a reduced cell mass. – Due to the structure of haemoglobin, it is caused by deficits in haem group or Hb chains themselves.   Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) This is a microcytic anaemia which occurs due to decreased levels of iron, most common worldwide.   Causes: – Blood loss –> GI bleeding or menstruation (seen in 14% of women) – Poor diet –> seen in babies or children – Malabsorption –> coeliac disease, due to inflammation of the small bowel   Symptoms: – General signs

Anaemia: Overview

Anaemia: Overview Anaemia is defined as a low haemoglobin (Hb) concentration, which can be either due to a reduced RBC mass or increased plasma volume (e.g. in pregnancy) – It is <135g/L for men and <115g/L for women – Subdivided by the mean corpuscular volume (MCV) into microcytic (MCV<80um3), normocytic (80-100) and macrocytic (MCV > 100).   Symptoms: – Weakness, fatigue and dyspnea – Pale conjunctiva and skin – Headaches + light headedness – Angina –> especially if there is pre-existing coronary artery disease (+ aortic flow murmur) – Can be signs of a hyperdynamic circulation due to compensation (tachycardia,

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In all medical fields; Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

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External transfer from outside Russia not available .

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