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We are a group of students at the Faculty of Human Medicine from different international universities scattered among many countries. We were brought together by several scientific and medical conferences that created strong relations between us after we discovered the real similarities in the constant suffering of the difficulty of obtaining documented scientific sources with strong content and the inability to also obtain sources for other Scientific and medical research in particular and its updates, as well as the common factor in the difficulty of understanding medical materials from our university sources. The idea of ​​creating content and an online entity that would be available to all of us and to our colleagues whom we know and whom we do not know. Through it we publish and provide all possible sources with all the means that we know and follow the news of scientific and medical research And publish it and publish articles and medical sources that are indispensable to every student in one of the medical colleges in the world


Exploiting the tremendous technological development in the medical field is one of the most important reasons for the developments and successes achieved by doctors in all medical fields in the world, so we try as much as possible to link the technological and electronic development to the services of students of medical specialties to provide them with practical material with the least effort and to achieve the maximum possible benefit in the means learning and time


Our first goal is to raise the level of doctors to achieve better and higher medical success rates than it is now in relieving patients’ pain and preserving their lives as God Almighty has commanded us. This is about providing multiple visual media, providing the best books and scientific resources in their latest publications, publishing the latest scientific research published globally, and helping students achieve the highest levels of understanding of medical and scientific materials in their various fields.

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Student admission in medical universities among medical universities worldwide


Providing all medical books for all medical field workers

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provide online system for medical case reporting for medical researchers


Training for both medical students and physicians in all specialties and positions

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