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“A doctor is our profession, medicine is our vocation” – these words are the motto of the Stavropol State Medical University. The pages of the history of the university are filled with interesting events, accomplishments, victories, behind each of which is the hard work and talent of many generations of teachers and university staff, outstanding clinicians, prominent scientists, wonderful teachers, known not only in Russia, but also abroad.


The first page of the history of the Stavropol State Medical University dates back to 1938, when 166 students crossed the threshold of the newly opened university. It was these young men and women who, straight from their student days, went to the front in 1942, from which many of them were not destined to return. The young university had to endure the suspension of activities during the occupation of the city, one of the first among the institutions of the North Caucasus to restore interrupted work, reorient the topics of scientific research to the urgent tasks of helping the front and wartime healthcare.


The opening of its new faculties, its own clinics and a branch, the creation of large structural divisions and their provision with modern equipment became a kind of historical milestones, marking certain stages in the development of the university.


In different years, the university was headed by A.T. Mogilnitsky, P.V. Polosin, V.G. Budylin, V.Yu. Pervushin, Yu.P. Mikhailichenko, V.V. Bodulin, B.D. Minaev, V.N. Muravyova, V.I. Wallet. Currently acting Rector of SSMU is V.N. Mazharov.


In 2021, for the first time in its history, among the top 14 medical universities, it was included in the TOP-100 best Russian universities according to Forbes magazine. According to the results of monitoring the effectiveness of universities, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, SSMU consistently confirms compliance with the criteria indicators for each of the analyzed areas of work, and for some it significantly exceeds the threshold values.


Currently, the university is a scientific, educational and clinical complex, including the Institute of Additional Professional Education, the Essentuki branch, its own clinics and polyclinics, a scientific and innovative association, an accreditation and simulation center, the Small Medical Academy and much more.


SSMU implements 4 higher education programs, 6 bachelor’s programs, 5 master’s programs, 49 programs in residency training, 29 postgraduate programs, and 2 specialized secondary education programs.


University students undergo practical training on the basis of 249 medical organizations in the Stavropol Territory.


Highly qualified teachers from 72 departments are involved in the educational process, including 54 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, 2 Honored Workers of Science of the Russian Federation, 1 Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education, 3 Honored Workers of Higher Education, 75 Excellence in Public Health, 110 Doctors of Science, 58 professors, 432 candidates of sciences, 170 associate professors.


Currently, SSMU has 7,528 students – specialty, bachelor’s, master’s students, students of the Essentuki branch, residents, graduate students, of which more than 1,500 are foreign citizens from 42 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin and Central America. More than 80 percent of students study in targeted areas. More than 5 thousand people annually undergo training, retraining and advanced training at the Institute of Additional Professional Education of SSMU. In total, over the years of the university’s activity, almost 35,000 graduates have been trained.


In the educational space of the university, modern educational technologies are used: the educational process takes place in multimedia classrooms, the equipment of which allows for teleconferences, distance and on-line training. SSMU has one of the largest accreditation and simulation centers in the South of Russia, which includes specialized clusters of cardiopulmonary resuscitation; general care, nursing manipulation; obstetrics and gynecology, emergency pediatrics; emergency and urgent conditions; dentistry and orthodontics; independent work and expert assessment of knowledge.


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