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Customers Area

Choose the membership according to features you need

» Basic user, helps you to read, interact, comment and explore all researchs, topics and materials available in Medicine21™
» Medical university registeration, a registeration form in medical universities which are available inMedicine21™
» Med-AI membership, helps you to get unlimitied numbers of questions that you are need answers for it, this membership is free now but soon will be a paid service, catch your chance
» Ask membership, helps you to interact, ask, comment and answer questions of others, this one of memberships which will help you to join our teamwork and be employed in Medicine21™ easily
» Shop membership, helps you to explore products available in Medicine21™ megastore, add products to your basket, track purchases and deliveries until you pick-up your purchases and  interact with other products, also you can be a vendor through this membership
» Mcloud membership, many options according to cloud storage you need [Paid membership]
» E-mail area, helps you to get a business e-mail e.g. [email protected]. [Paid membership] 
» Earn money membership, helps you to gain money with some steps which you can do it indoor without spend time in work

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